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IV Therapy

Be Well + Flourish IV Therapy has been designed to provide our patients with a place to rejuvenate, recover, and feel their best. Our treatment room is a specialized environment to integrate recovery-based services, and most importantly, the IV treatment is administered and overseen by the Be Well clinical team.

Hydration – Hydration IV Therapy is a unique blend of electrolyte IV fluids. Because it is administered through an IV, your body absorbs the blend quickly and you are feeling your best with the energy boost you need.

Why Hydration IV Therapy?  Gut health issues, dehydration, acute illness, and more.

Repair – The glutathione reduces oxidative stress. Why Repair? Before or after races or long runs, great for power lifters, endurance athletes, and those who just need to repair after a long day or week at the office.

Migraine relief – This is a great add on to your normal migraine treatment. Good therapy for headache relief, and muscle cramping from exertion. 

Rehydrate – Supports immune health. The Rehydrate with Myers Cocktail includes magnesium, calcium, B-Vitamins (including B12) and Vitamin C. This IV therapy can help with fatigue as a quick pick me up. Supports immune health.

Recovery – This IV Therapy supports energy production and detoxification. The Myers Cocktail and Glutathione together, are the essential nutrients your body needs to function at its best.  

You must be a patient of Be Well + Flourish, Integrative Health Partners to have the following IV Therapies

Pain Relief – This is a great anti-inflammatory. 

Migraine Relief IV + Toradol + Magnesium

Nausea Relief IV + Zofran 

Injection Treatments – non-opioid pain relief

*The following treatments are subject to our providers before receiving 

*Non-opioid pain relief

  • Pain Relief Toradol Injection 
  • Nausea Relief Zofran

IV Therapy Pricing:

Hydration IV Electrolytes – $45

Repair IV + Glutathione – $85

Migraine Relief IV + Magnesium  – $55

Rehydrate IV + Myers’ Cocktail – $100

Recovery IV + Myers’ Cocktail + Glutathione – $140

Pain Relief IV + Toradol – $65

Migraine Relief IV + Toradol + Magnesium – $95

Nausea Relief IV + Zofran – $65


Pain Relief Toradol Injection – $40

Nausea Relief Zofran – $25

Feel free to send us a note with any specific concerns or questions you may have. We’ll be prompt in getting back to you.

Have a question about IV Therapy??

Feel free to reach out. We’ll be prompt in getting back to you