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Introducing Tyto. At home care designed for your convenience.

Be Well + Flourish, Integrative Health Partners is proud to announce our partnership with TYTO Home. A device that allows you to have medical exams with our staff from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Be Well + Flourish is the first and only health care provider to offer this technology and partner with Tytocare in Tennessee.


Simple + Easy to use

  1. Turn Tyto on, launch the app. Answer a quick survey about your symptoms.
  2. Send exam data to your Be Well + Flourish physician.
  3. Get a diagnosis and treatment plan once our physician reviews the data. It’s that easy!

A comprehensive exam just like visiting our practice


Investigating the ear canal for ear symptoms


Listening to lung sounds to investigate coughs and congestion symptoms


Monitoring heart sounds for abnormalities


Looking down the throat to investigate symptoms in the throat or voice box

Heart Rate

Measuring the heart rate


Measuring body temperature


Taking images of the skin to assess bug bites, rashes, and other skin conditions


Listening for abnormal abdominal sounds

A quick overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any other questions about TYTO care?

Feel free to reach out. We’ll be prompt in getting back to you.