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Personalized Corporate Wellness Programs

Keeping leaders in your company performing their best is crucial to the overall impact of the organization. When our leaders are not at their best – many tactics within the company can be slowed down or frozen.

Be Well + Flourish offers a personalized corporate wellness program where we can treat your top executive team to the busy and high performing managers and directors within your company. Time and efficiency are important to the bottom line – which is why our experts will come to you.

What we offer

  • Executive Integrative Wellness Exams
  • Access to urgent visits in person or virtual
  • Therapeutic life coach for private sessions or team building and corporate meetings and retreats
  • Acupuncture
  • IV Therapy
  • Vitamins and supplements,
  • Additional services that will be tailored to the need of your team.

Not only are you keeping your leaders healthy and performing at their best, offering a corporate wellness program gives your company an advantage in recruitment to gain and retain top talent.

How can we be the health partner to your organization?

Feel free to reach out. We’ll be prompt in getting back to you